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Keys to Caregiving in Practice

Using Keys to Caregiving with Parents

Mothers who were taught the concepts in Keys to Caregiving scored higher on the Feeding Scale at 7-9 weeks and again at 11-13 weeks.

- N. Letourneau, University of Alberta , 2000


Nurse using Infant State Parent Booklet with family

Viewing and studying the Keys to Caregiving videos are an essential part of using the Parent Booklets with families. The booklets are written at a 4 th to 6 th grade reading level and are meant as an adjunct to the discussion/teaching from a session with a family. The nurse/social worker/early intervention provider, et al needs to have a deeper understanding of the material in the parent booklets to be able to support learning and answer questions effectively.

The videos are best viewed as a group with a facilitator to promote discussion (with the study guide) about how the concepts can be integrated into practice with families. Brief homework assignments bring the material alive when it is directly applied to an intervention done with a family.

Engaging parents in open-ended, reflective questions about infant states, infant cues, infant behaviors, state modulation, and how important the feeding interaction is, provides the framework for giving instructional feedback. Using the parent booklet Infant Cues is an excellent reinforcement of the learning that occurred while the family watched the BabyCues: A Child’s First Language video and subsequent BabyCue Card teaching.

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