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E-Learning Course: Keys to Infant Caregiving

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This e-learning course is designed to share the amazing abilities of newborns and young infants and their capacity to participate in relationships with their parents and caregivers. Research has show that when professionals take this course and share this information with parents about their newborn’s states, behaviors, and non-verbal communication, it opens the door to building parental confidence and competence, as well as a boost toward successfully navigating the road to a healthy parent-child relationship. Parents report that taking care of their newborn is easier and more rewarding after learning the content presented in this series.

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There will be a video introduction to the program, five classes, each with video instruction, a section for each class in the companion study guide that contains more information and activities for application to your practice, an additional archival video clip to hone your observation skills (classes 1 – 4 only), and a brief “test your knowledge” section to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

Approximate time to complete is 4.5 hours.


Classes in This Course

Approximate Hours to Complete

Instructors / Team
Rizza Cea

Rizza Cea


Originally from Hawaii of Filipino descent, Rizza comes from a family of five children. She holds a bachelor’s degree in both sociology and nursing. Rizza worked as a certified nurse-midwife for over 20 years, first in New York City then here in Seattle. She also was an educator for the University of Washington School of Nursing undergraduate program for eight years and continues to guest lecture and mentor. Her current role is that of Clinical Consultant for the Washington State Department of Health Sexual and Reproductive Health Program. Rizza was recently was featured as a speaker on TEDx Bellevue Women to talk about innovative ideas in reproductive health She is married and has boy/girl twins who just turned 16 and are driving! There are three dogs too! Rizza loves traveling, new adventures, eating out, happy hour, reading fiction, real conversation, long walks, hiking, electric biking, podcasts, binging TV shows, steam rooms, family time, friend time, and alone time.
Monica Oxford, MSW, PhD

Monica Oxford, MSW, PhD

Executive Director of Parent-Child Relationship Programs

Monica Oxford, MSW, PhD, is a Research Professor in Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing at the University of Washington and the Executive Director of the Barnard Center for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health. Her career has focused on research regarding early parenting and child developmental outcomes for vulnerable families living in challenging environments. Dr. Oxford teaches social service providers throughout Washington on infant and early childhood mental health, strengths-based practice, and how providers can support caregiver-child dyadic interaction from an attachment-based perspective.
Denise Findlay

Denise Findlay


Denise has been teaching maternal child health and parent-child relationships around the world, for over 30 years. Denise attended Seattle University and completed the University of Massachusetts Boston, Napa Infant Parent Mental Health fellowship program, holding a post-graduate certificate in Infant Parent Mental Health. She has committed her nursing career to promote optimal parent-child relationships, beginning during the prenatal period through the preschool years. Denise worked with vulnerable populations as a Public Health Nurse for twenty years and offers a clinical lens to Parent-Child Relationship Programs’ work.