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Discover the many opportunities and ways that Parent-Child Relationship Programs can be used to help your agency and develop your skills.


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BabyCues® Cards

Help parents and caregivers be more “in tune” with their infant and young child’s feelings by learning to respond to their behavioral cues. Available in SPANISH too!

New Edition BabyCues® A Child's First Language DVD

All new footage! This video is a must have for anyone working with families and caregivers of infants and young children.

Look What I'm Saying Parent Handout

ALL NEW!! laughing This helpful handout is designed for professionals to share with parents and caregivers after viewing the BabyCues® video and/or working with the BabyCues® cards.

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BabyCues®   A Child’s First Language

BabyCues® A Child’s First Language

Using BabyCues cards is a fun and informative way to visually convey information to parents and caregivers about the ways in which babies and young children communicate with us non-verbally. It is also a great way to educate yourself, whether a parent or parent...

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Dealing with a Crying Baby

Dealing with a Crying Baby

Crying is the infant’s way of signaling an overload or an unmet need that requires the caregiver’s prompt attention. Crying is the only way newborn infants can tell parents about their needs.  The infant is signaling distress; however, the source of that distress may...

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The Significance of the Psychological Work of the Mother

The Significance of the Psychological Work of the Mother

The Significance of the Psychological Work of the Mother Normal, expected psychological work accompanies the woman’s natural progression from pregnancy to birth.  Some of this work includes re-thinking her childhood, how she was parented, and how she wants to parent...

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What Providers Say About Us

Parent-Child Interaction Program

I will never look at parent-child interaction in the same way again. This training opened my eyes and helped me identify and focus on the positive. I am forever changed.

PHN, New York City

BabyCues Program

My client loves the BabyCue cards – we play “Guess the Cue” on my visits with her. She will be so ready to read and hear her baby’s cues.

Public Health Nurse

Parent-Child Relationship Programs

Words cannot express the value we have found in using PCRP materials in our program.

Kim C

Promoting First Relationships Program

In my nine years of experience working with homeless families, the Promoting First Relationships Program has been the most relevant technique I have learned to help parents promote their child’s development.

Social Worker


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