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  1. How soon will my order be shipped?

Generally orders are shipped within 48-72 hours. We use UPS as our major shipper. Please allow 4-8 business days for delivery, once the order has been shipped. If you need an order sooner, choose UPS 2nd Day. International orders can take up to 10 days.

  1. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes. International Purchase Orders must be paid by Wire Transfer. If you are placing your order through our online store, just fill in the box on the order form.

  1. What are your payment options for International Orders? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard or Wire Transfers. We cannot accept foreign checks. Reference Parent-Child Relationship Programs and the Customer Invoice # (CI) on your wire transfer. Add $25.00 for wire transfer fee.

  1. What are your payment terms?

On the 31st day after an invoice is issued, it becomes past due. At this time, it begins accruing interest at a rate of 1% and a one time $25 late fee is assessed.

  1. Which major credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard only.

  1. Do you provide training in the PCI Feeding & Teaching scales?

Parent-Child Relationship Programs teaches and prepares instructors in the NCAST Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) scales. Instructors then return home and provide workshops/learning opportunities in their communities. For a list of instructors in your area, state/neighboring state, please check out this page for a list of PCI Instructors.

  1. May I purchase and use the PCI Feeding & Teaching Scales/Manuals without training?

No. You must be enrolled in a course being offered by a certified NCAST Instructor to purchase the materials. You must be trained, deemed reliable in your observations and be entered in the NCAST PCI International Registry to use the scales.

  1. What materials do I need if I am taking a class in the PCI Feeding and/or Teaching Scales?

If you are enrolled in a class with an instructor who is teaching both the Feeding and Teaching Scales, you will want to order a PCI Set. Even if you are taking the Feeding Scale course first and plan to complete the course with the Teaching Scale at a later date, it is more cost effective for you to order the set rather than the individual items. Please check with your instructor for specific information about which materials you need to order. Be sure to have the name of your instructor readily available when ordering.

  1. Do you teach Promoting First Relationships in my area? Do I need training to purchase and/or implement the program?

Workshops in how to begin using Promoting First Relationships Curriculum are offered virtually several times per year. You are not required to take the course to utilize the program. However, most practitioners are very busy and find it difficult to make the time to learn a new curriculum by reading and processing on their own. The virtual course gives you instruction about the concepts and materials, including video examples, case studies, guidance and practice in using the curriculum. On-site/virtual training is available for 25 participants. Beyond the workshop, there is also a mentored distance learning option that practitioners can complete in order to become certified in this evidence-based model.  Please contact for more information.

  1. Do you teach Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy in my area? Do I need training to purchase and/or implement the program?

There is usually at least two virtual courses in Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy offered per year. You are not required to take the course to purchase or use the materials with families. We find that many people who work with families are able to understand the broad scope of this program and ease of implementation through our virtual course. On-site training for your agency is available. Please check the Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy page for more information about bringing this training to your community.