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Our Programs

Parent-Child Relationship Programs at the Barnard Center is a leader in the development and dissemination of research based workshops, assessments, and intervention programs to promote nurturing environments for young children. Parent-Child Relationship Programs and products are used internationally across many disciplines. Our target audience is nurse home visitors, social workers, researchers, therapists and other service providers working with families with young children (0-5).

Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Feeding & Teaching Scales

Valid and reliable assessments for measuring parent-child interaction with an extensive body of research across disciplines.

Promoting First Relationships®

An evidence-based curriculum for service providers, to help parents and other caregivers meet the social and emotional needs of young children.

Promoting First Relationships® in Pediatrics

A university based program adapted by pediatricians to help pediatric primary care providers support stable and secure early parent-child relationships.

Personal Environment Assessments

Useful tools which allow systematic assessment of the family’s environment.

Attachment DVD

DVD for professionals showing how attachment develops in the first year of life and how this important process of building a secure attachment is very much the same across families.

Keys to Infant Caregiving Program

Research based program that provides important information on newborn and infant behavior.

Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy

Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy assists pregnant women in moving beyond the physical dimensions of pregnancy to the emotional and psychological challenges they face.

Sleep/Activity Program

The Sleep/Activity Program provides information and strategies health care professionals and caregivers can use to promote predictable behaviors in babies and toddlers through activities and routines, while explaining the importance of promoting self-regulation.

BabyCues® - A Child's First Language

An innovative intervention tool (DVD and cards) that help parents, home visitors and other caregivers be more “tuned in” to their infant and young child’s feelings by learning to understand and respond to their behavioral cues.