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Promoting First Relationships® in Pediatrics

What is Promoting First Relationships in Pediatrics?

  • A university based program adapted by pediatricians to help pediatric  providers and health care professionals support stable and secure early parent-child relationships
  • A framework that operationalizes attachment and child development theory into applied practice and intervention strategies
  • A curriculum that also provides handouts that accompany well child visits from newborn to age 3, addressing topics such as responsive caregiving, feeding, sleep, and behavior
  • Consultation strategies to promote infant/toddler mental health
How Can Promoting First Relationships help health care professionals in pediatric settings?  PFR-PEDS will help you:
  • UNDERSTAND how to promote and support stable and secure early parent-child relationships in everyday office visits
  • BEGIN TO SEE attachment behaviors and elements of healthy relationships that are happening in patient encounters through the use of videos and case studies
  • LEARN skills that can be used by health care professionals to strengthen a caregiver-child relationship during both well child care and challenging behavior visits
  • REALIZE how both parents and health care providers can feel an increased sense of competence and confidence in addressing the social-emotional health of young children with PFR-PEDS

Who Uses PFR in Pediatrics?  Nurses, Physicians and Health Care Professionals serving patients in pediatric settings

Training is now available. Contact the our office at pcrp@uw.edu for further information.    Email us at pcrp@uw.edu to be notified when the next PFR-PEDS workshop will be held.