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Sleep/Activity Program

What is the Sleep/Activity Program?

  • The Sleep/Activity Program provides information and strategies health care professionals and caregivers can use to promote predictable behaviors in babies and toddlers through activities and routines, while explaining the importance of promoting self-regulation.
  • The Sleep/Activity Program consists of the Beginning Rhythms Manual, the Sleep/Activity Record and two How to Promote Good Sleep Habits Handouts for Parents (0-3 months and 4-12 months).

How does the Sleep/Activity Program benefit parents and infants?

  • With the knowledge gained from the Beginning Rhythms manual and the patterns identified on the Sleep/Activity Record, service providers will be able to assess the emerging patterns of both mother and infant and suggest strategies to improve the self-regulation in the infant/young child. Providers will also be able to answer  frequently asked questions such as “How long should I let my baby cry?” “How can I tell if my baby is hungry?” “When will my baby sleep through the night?” 
  • The Sleep/Activity Record (SAR) provides accurate data about an infant’s eating, sleeping, or crying behavior. It is a comprehensive and easy to use method for recording activities on a 24-hour/7-day record, which makes understanding infants’ behavior much easier.
  • The two How to Promote Good Sleep Habits handouts are intended for use with parents/caregivers in sharing important information about healthy sleep habits, typical states of babies’ arousal, and suggested routines for infants and young children. The handouts give clear examples of what caregivers might expect from their babies at different stages, as well as suggestions for what they might try in response to these behaviors.

Who should use the Sleep/Activity Program?

  • Public Health Nurses, Pediatricians & Family Physicians, Parents and other Caregivers.