The following is a list of trainers that are able to teach outside their organization, are willing to travel to your site, and/or teach the scales online. They are all individual practitioners. Most have a short statement about their training philosophy and/or experience. Please contact our office if you have questions or need further assistance with securing training. 



Jennifer Black, MA, SLP, IMHS 

Jennifer is an enthusiastic trainer for Parent-Child Interaction scales. She has trained clinicians as well as researchers. Jennifer serves as faculty for the UC Davis Infant Mental Health Fellowship Program and works as an independent clinician and consultant.



Kristie Brandt, CNM, RN, MSN, NP, PHN, DNP         Napa

 Parent-Infant & Child Institute Director, Napa; Infant-Parent Mental Health Specialist, Brazelton Institute NBO Faculty, NMT Mentor

Kristie has worked with children age 0-5 since 1974 and first learned the Feeding & Teaching Scales in 1979. She became a trainer in 1995. She has taught the Scales across the U.S. and uses them clinically, as well as in her research. Dr. Brandt considers them the premier assessment tool to guide work with young children and families. Kristie is a highly effective and powerful trainer.

Erin Dornan-Liuzzo, Psy.D., IFECHMH FPR-II   Los Angeles area

Erin is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She first learned and implemented the PCI Scales in 2013. After seeing the power of these tools with her own client families, she wanted to extend their reach and impact. Erin became an Instructor for her own staff and other professionals in the community. She is able to travel around the state, country and world to deliver this training.

Kiti Freier Randall, PhD    San Bernardino

Dr. Kiti is a Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Psychologist and has been teaching the NCAST PCI scales since 2011.


Barb Deloian    greater Denver area

Chris Russell   greater Denver area


Sue Horner
Amelia Miller, MS, IMHS   Chicago

Amelia is an Infant Mental Health & Developmental Specialist, providing clinical services at a specialty children’s hospital in Chicago.  Teaching the PCI tools has provided her with a tool to share her passion for supporting and working with caregivers and their young children.


Carole Norris-Shortle, MSW, LICSW   Baltimore

Carole has been teaching the NCAST Feeding & Teaching scales, for both clinicians and researchers since 2001. She is willing and eager to share her knowledge of how to accurately code and apply the scales to your work.


Alissa Copeland, MA   Seattle

Alissa has worked with children and families in child welfare for twenty-one years, and was initially certified as a Parent-Child Interaction Scales assessor in 2007. Alissa utilized the scales in public child welfare for several years before becoming a Parent-Child Interaction Scales Instructor in 2015. She has been certifying professionals to utilize the scales since. Alissa values the use of these scales across disciplines as a tool to identify supportive services, benchmark milestones, and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Alissa is able to travel throughout the United States and Internationally, as well as provide certification training virtually via Zoom to support ongoing learning and professional development without the need for travel. Alissa can be reached at

Denise Findlay, RN, BSN, PGCert IPMH    Silverdale

Denise has been using the Parent-Child Interaction Scales in practice and research for forty years. She has been teaching for thirty. Denise is an enthusiastic and highly skilled trainer. She is a Registered Nurse with twenty years of Public Health Nursing experience and holds a post-graduate certificate in Infant-Early Childhood-Parent Mental Health from the University of Massachusetts Boston Napa Fellowship Program. She is on faculty for the UC Davis Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship Program. Denise is able to teach virtually or provide in-person training if preferred.


Cathrine Fowler, RN, RM, PhD     Sydney, New South Wales
Faculty of Health, Tresillian Chair in Child and Family Health
University of Technology Sydney

Cathrine has extensive experience as a child and family health nurse, educator and researcher. She has been an instructor since 2008 and taught the PCI scales within Australia, China, & South Korea. She has assisted NSW Health Department implement the PCI scales in their Sustaining Families Home Visiting Program. As a researcher, PCI has been an important research tool. The PCI scales have provided an important parenting framework to assist in educating nurses about how to work successfully with parents and their infants and young children.

Beverly Allen, MN, RN, RM     Melbourne, Victoria


Queen Elizabeth Centre    Melbourne, Victoria

QEC is an Early Parenting Centre based in Melbourne, Australia. We are passionate about Parent Child Relationship Programs and facilitate Keys to Caregiving and both PCI Scales. We have a Family Partnership and strengths-based approach in our work with families and the use of the Parent Child Relationship Programs. We have trainers located in Melbourne, Wodonga (NSW/Victoria border) and Morwell (Gippsland Region) and we are able to travel around Australia to facilitate training.

Pam Stilling, RN, RM, MCHN    Mount Eliza, Victoria

Early Parenting Consultant and Educator

With over 30 years clinical experience as midwife and MCH nurse, I have taught PCR Programs throughout Australia since 2004. Learning the PCI Scales develops enhanced insight into everyday interactions and their impact on children’s developmental potential. Furthermore, you find simple and direct ways to effect improvements where needed.

Zakiyyah Muhammad AMHSW, MSW

Family Haven SA


Tanya Antle, RN, PHN   New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Susan Lamb, RN, PHN   Middleton, Nova Scotia

Linda Brightling, MA    Toronto, Ontario

Early Childhood Therapist


Michie Nagayoshi, RN, PhD     Tokyo, Japan

The Jikei University, School of Nursing
Dr. Nagayoshi has been teaching NCAST PCI since 2009 and was part of the first cohort of instructors in Japan. She participated in the translation of the NCAST manuals from English to Japanese and has participated in the data collection for the Japanese dataset to validate the NCAST scales.


Sarah Haskell, OTR, MSC, MIMH    Tasman, NZ

Sarah and her colleague, Heidi Pace, MA, IMHS work as Infant Toddler Specialists in New Zealand.


Shelina Bhamani, PhD    Karachi, Pakistan


Sue Ranger, D.Clin.Psych.    Leeds, England

Ms. Ranger is a clinical psychologist working for the National Health Service.  Sue has been teaching the NCAST PCI scales since 2004.