Personal Environment Assessment

What are the Personal Environment Assessments (PEA’s)?

  • Useful tools which allow systematic assessment of the family’s environment.
  • Proven valid and reliable measures by researchers at the University of Washington who tested methods of assessment for early identification and subsequent intervention.
  • The PEA’s which include the Difficult Life Circumstances, Community Life Skills Scale and the Network Survey are excellent as pre and post-treatment measures in research and practice.

How do the Personal Environment Assessments benefit the parent-child relationship?

  • The PEA’s provide a unique set of “windows” for assessing the family and developing strategies for intervention.
  • Information from these tools helps in assisting families with challenges they might be facing, the components of their¬†supportive network and their utilization of community resources.

Who should use the Personal Environment Assessments?

  • The assessments are designed for all levels of professionals and paraprofessionals working in the community and have had wide use in clinical practice and research studies. They are useful in many types of settings including the home, clinic, hospital, and with all age groups.