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E-Learning Course: Promoting First Relationships in Pediatrics

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This e-learning course is designed to help providers and members of the multidisciplinary care team learn how to nurture and support the parent-child relationship during everyday clinic interactions with families and children.

This course includes 30 videos of parent-child interactions to help participants see and feel the elements of responsive caregiving. Parent Handouts, Provider Tip Sheets and PFR Connecting Strategy Sheets for Well Care Visits through age 2 are included.

The course is comprised of 9 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: PFR Approach to Relationship-Focused Care
  • Chapter 3: Social Connectedness: The Importance of Children’s First Relationships
  • Chapter 4: Elements of a Healthy Relationship
    • Understanding Cues to Support Responsive Caregiving
    • Alleviation of Distress
    • Mutuality
  • Chapter 5: Feeding, Sleep and Development Viewed Through a Relational Lens
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Children’s Behavior as their Language of Distress
  • Chapter 7: Reframing Challenging Behavior: It’s All About Being Connected
  • Chapter 8: Challenging Behavior Cases
  • Chapter 9: Supporting Relationship-Centered Care in Primary Care

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