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Promoting First Relationships®

Promoting First Relationships is on the HomVEE and California Evidence Based Clearing House lists. Now eligible for MIECHV funding.

What is Promoting First Relationships? 

  • An evidence-based curriculum for service providers, to help parents and other caregivers meet the social and emotional needs of young children
  • Video feedback approach grounded in attachment theory and reflective practice principles
  • Gives professionals who work with caregivers and young children (0-5) the knowledge, tools and strategies to guide and support caregivers in building nurturing and responsive relationships with children


Who should use Promoting First Relationships? 

  • Infant Mental Health Specialists, Child Welfare Providers, Social Workers, Home Visitors, Early Interventionists, Family Service Workers, Childcare Providers, Early Childhood Education Teachers. Public Health Nurses

“Once you learn PFR, you never stop using it. It’s a way of being.”
~ Home Visitor

“In my 19 years of being a Physical Therapist, PFR training is the most transformative
and influential training I have done. Supporting parents in their relationship with their child, in reading and understanding their child’s cues, and helping their child feel safe,
is foundational to the success of our work.”
~Physical Therapist

“Promoting First Relationships is such a different way of working with families. In particular for CPS involved families, it may be the first time that someone has ever really noticed what they are doing well and celebrated this. PFR provides us with a way to encourage and reflect on parents’ interactions and to increase and build upon the strengths that they bring to parenting.”
~Social Worker

Bring a Promoting First Relationships Workshop to your Agency

  • On-site workshops in your community can be arranged.  Please contact pcrp@uw.edu to learn more.
  • Distance learning with online mentoring and train the trainer is available. Go here for more information.
To learn more, please visit Promoting First Relationships’ website.

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