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Become a Certified Provider

Explore the different opportunities in one of our research-based or evidence-based PCRP programs.

Parent-Child Interaction

Instructor Training

Increase your knowledge about the essential early parent-child relationship, refine your observation skills, and learn how to target your intervention focus with the NCAST Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) scales.  With over 40 years of research and implementation and over 20,000 users worldwide, this is on one of the most useful and valuable tools to have in your toolbox.

PCI Instructor training is designed for those professionals working with families with infants and young children who have a role in the ongoing training of community health care service providers in their local area.

Promoting First Relationships®

Level 2 Training

Become a Certified Promoting First Relationships (PFR) Provider in our evidence-based home visiting program!  Participants receive 15 weeks of individualized mentoring from a PFR Master Trainer on their pathway to become certified in the model.  Learners develop their infant mental health observation and reflection skills as they view and discuss professionally filmed PFR intervention sessions with caregivers and young children.

Learners also hone their practice skills as they intervene with a caregiver/child dyad at their own site to deliver the 10-week PFR intervention. Providers are supported in their learning as they reflect on videos of the dyadic interactions and how to implement the PFR concepts and consultation strategies.

Promoting First Relationships®

Level 3 Training

Certified Promoting First Relationships (PFR) Providers with high fidelity to the model are eligible to participate in PFR level 3 Agency Trainer training. Participants receive 15 additional weeks of mentoring from a PFR Master Trainer as they implement the PFR intervention with a 2nd dyad, grow in their PFR expertise and reflective consultation skills, and learn how to train others at PFR level 2.

The Agency Trainer model provides a way to sustain and grow the PFR program within the organization. Agency Trainers provide level 2 training to staff within their organization, conduct regular reflective consultation with their PFR trained providers, and provide overall support for the program within their organization.