The Significance of the Psychological Work of the Mother

Normal, expected psychological work accompanies the woman’s natural progression from pregnancy to birth.  Some of this work includes re-thinking her childhood, how she was parented, and how she wants to parent her own child.  She also begins to view the risks, benefits, and experiences in life as not only impacting herself, but also impacting her child and her relationship with that child.  She begins to think about herself as not only a woman but as a mother, and she begins to transform the idea or image of her baby-to-be into her real child.

The delivery of social interventions, including psychological and emotional interventions, can have a dramatic impact on pregnant women, their babies, and their families. These interventions are critical because what happens during the prenatal period, infancy, and early childhood influences the trajectory of a child’s life.

The focus of our Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy training is to help develop an awareness of the psychological and emotional work women do during pregnancy; to increase the understanding and significance of this work; and to develop an appreciation for the impact of this work on the baby both before and after birth.

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Excerpt from Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy by JoAnne Solchany, PhD, ARNP